W&CO is a digital design and development studio based in Brooklyn, NY, specializing in strategy, design, and development. Our team combines decades of experience in civic-minded design and placemaking, with a passion for creating sophisticated, human-first solutions. With extensive expertise in wayfinding strategy applied to the digital domain, W&CO is a leader in the fast-growing specialization of digital wayfinding.

W&CO is a certified MBE (minority-owned business enterprise).

Clients & Partners

Cloud Gehshan
Merje Design
Wolff Olins

SBE-Certified with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
We are officially certified with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey as a Small Business Enterprise!
Fireside Chat with frog
W&CO talked with the design team at frog, discussing the intersection of digital and physical design.
Working Relationships
W&CO talked to FIT’s business of design program on our three models of collaboration: third-party, sub-consultant, and joint-partner. We presented our work for AIGA, the City of Newark and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as examples of those relationships.
100% MBE-Certified
We are officially re-certified as a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) by the New York City Department of Small Businesses. (We've always been 100% minority-owned, but we got to keep it official.)
Urban Wayfinding Manual
Honored to join the advisory team to help update the Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual by Craig Burger. We'll be providing insights into how new technologies and visitor trends have also turned wayfinding and gateway systems into the lynchpin of city tourism efforts.
LICP Technology Advisory Committee
Honored to be part of the Long Island City Partnership Technology Advisory Committee.
E-commerce Branding: Brand Creation in the Era of Digital Payment
We are excited to have our work be included in E-commerce Branding: Brand Creation in the Era of Digital Payment published by SendPoints. Our work for Mah Ze Dahr Bakery was featured in the book.
Awwwards' 365+1 Best Websites Around The World
Our work for the 2016 AIGA Conference was also featured in Awwwards' 365+1 Best Websites Around The World.
A Talk with Gensler
W&CO presented to Gensler LA and NY on the history and ecosystem necessary to develop, manage, update, and deploy digital wayfinding applications for complex spaces.
A Talk with AIGA Alaska
Cofounder Vijay Mathews was invited by AIGA Alaska to give talk about what it takes to build a digital business in a competitive market. He shared insights on how the mistakes made helped build a thriving business.