AIGA Keynote 2012–2015




The AIGA Leadership Retreat is an annual gathering that brings together board members from all 75 chapters of the organization to, among other things, unite around the “state of the union”. Between 2012 and 2015, AIGA looked to us to help craft that story in a transparent, compelling way.

Working directly with executive director Ric Grefé, we understood that the presentation to be honest, open, and direct. Using simple visuals and compelling animations, we crafted a presentation that emphasized tangible goals over platitudes, and effective communication over generalities. As members ourselves, that's how we wanted to hear about the future of AIGA.

Newark Walks

Greater Newark Convention & Visitors Bureau


Strategy, Design, Development, Support


Merje Design


Newark, New Jersey is a city with a rich and diverse history. Residents of the city have made their mark on art, music, architecture, and philosophy. For Newark’s 250th anniversary, the Greater Newark Convention and Visitor Bureau wanted to establish a walking tour to engage its citizens and provide a means to celebrate Newark’s place in history.

We were brought on by Merje Design to help design and develop a mobile tour app for the city. The app was a companion to the on-street signage, providing users a real-time position of their current location and expanded information about the destinations along the tour. The app uses a highly detailed, GPS-based map providing visitors, residents, and students a quick understanding of the points of interest in the downtown district.

The app serves as a portal to learn about the rich history of the city. With highly curated tours, users can see a detailed route supplemented with an audio narration, a written history of each destination, and supporting videos and image galleries. Additionally with the dynamic “walk ring“ users can easily determine how long it will take to walk somewhere. At the end of the tour, a summary page pops up noting the estimated amount of time it took to take the tour, calories burned and distance traveled.

Built using our platform, FRMWRK.IO, which allowed us to avoid the need to develop a unique codebases for each operating system, and streamlined the content management for the city’s staff through a tailored interface. The platform easily integrated with the city's event feed with the ability to view upcoming events, filter based on preferences, and see what the weather will be like on that day.

The app also featured stylized icons for the city's historical landmarks.

The printed maps and on-street signage leveraged our custom designed landmarks to ensure continuity across all touchpoints.